Audrey & Wilam Tarris

Audrey & Wilam Tarris

Michelle Dallas
Event Planner 
Events MD

Michelle Dallas Event Planner Events MD

"My wife and I were thrilled to have Kareem as our wedding DJ! He was able to read the crowd with such ease and skill that he ensured no moment was left without someone up on their feet. Kareem not only truly loves music, but he understands and respects its impact on an event, and that alone is priceless. We will have fond memories of our reception for years to come”. Thank you Kareem!

"As an event planner, my job is to create a warm, welcoming, and exciting environment out of absolutely nothing. Each of the multiple times I have hired Deejay Kareem, I have felt like I have a secret weapon, and with him I can take on the drabbest of occasion and make it an exhilaratingly, hot celebration. The way Kareem expresses his passion through his flowing musical selections affects every one of my guests in an encouraging way. Let’s just say he knows how to make people move. Coupled with his professionalism and ability to get the job done, Deejay Kareem provides an exceptional event!
“DJ Kareem, I cannot say thank you enough for making my Birthday so special. It was an unforgettable night and I have you and the girls to thank for that. It will be nearly impossible to top a celebration like that. I hope you had a great time and I have no doubt that we will see you at Matilda’s and Baby Atlas in the near future! Thanks again!

Sally Shinabarger
"I have seen and heard DJ Kareem mix his magic in a sultry basement club, at a wedding and at an exclusive gallery opening. His ability to both read a crowd and lead a crowd is unparalleled. He plays off the energy of his room while simultaneously taking everyone there with him to a super fun place. And I’ve also watched him woo a quiet crowd with sexy jazz and old-school favorites. Basically, he seems to be able to do just about anything when it comes to mixing music. And he does it with skill, precision and high energy. I can’t recommend him enough.

Calvin Marty, 
Singer/Songwriter, Actor
"Kareem Sharpe has been, and continues to be, spectacular to work with as a deejay. His ability to read the crowd’s needs is uniquely balanced by introducing his own style, to keep the night fresh throughout the shift, as well as from week to week.

Kevin Abercrombie
Matilda & Baby Atlas